The counseling team is here to help you learn to manage your time more efficiently. 开始吧, 看看下面的提示, and don’t hesitate to discuss this topic further by scheduling an appointment with one of our 辅导员.

在你的生活中探索一些领域,这些领域将帮助你获得成功的学生经历所需要的平衡, try out our Balancing 学生生活 Exercise (available through your 全球定位系统(GPS) pathway on 太阳集团平台参与).



怎样才能让繁忙的一周变得轻松? 我怎样才能避免错过截止日期? 当我从事休闲活动而不是学习时,我怎样才能不感到内疚呢?

提前计划. Using a calendar that allows you to plan ahead is crucial to managing a busy schedule. 在每个学期开始的时候, 全面地看待你all的学术承诺, 比如作业截止日期和考试日期, 上课时间和轮班, 并将它们输入到实体或数字日历中. You can mark these using color codes, which will allow you to quickly identify the type of task. Doing this will give you a clear visual of both open and busy times. 这样你就能更容易地确定休闲时间和其他个人活动的时间,并且不用担心或内疚地参与其中.



你认为截止日期有压力吗? 你觉得你在追赶的时候效率更高吗?

Learning to see deadlines as allies can make a big difference in the way you tackle work. They provide a framework, promote action, drive priorities and promote accountability.


  • Plan your own personal deadline for a date that seems realistic and is not too ambitious.
  • Split heavy assignments into chunks that seem manageable and attainable throughout your calendar.

Aiming to completing work before it’s due can help you 1) meet your deadline, 2) have a buffer for if you are ever late when completing chunks as planned, 3)避免不必要的压力和焦虑.

This is particularly important when working on written assignments. 好的文章需要时间来编辑, and if the writing is completed without leaving time for revisions, 工作将受到影响.



我怎么能觉得我知道今天要做什么? 我怎样才能感觉自己在一天的工作中取得了进展? 我怎么能觉得自己在完成事情呢?

Maybe you trust your memory when it comes to following along with every day tasks. 也许是时候让你的记忆力休息一下了! 把你的记忆从压力中释放出来,写下每天需要完成的事情,这是一种更有效的完成事情的方法.

一旦任务完成,划掉它们也会给你一种放松和成就感,这是一种鼓励自己继续工作的好方法, 尤其是在充满挑战的时刻.


你觉得你知道从哪里开始吗? 你知道接下来要做什么吗? 你有一个系统来决定如何优先处理事情吗?

设定优先级. 你可以试试A- b - c方法,它的工作原理是这样的:写下all待完成的任务,然后给每个任务打个A, B或C.

A -必须在今天完成

B -如果今天能结束就好了

C -如有必要可以推到明天

Life might determine that a C-level task becomes an A-level task at some point, or you could find yourself with a new pending task to add to the list, but it’s OK to switch gears and update your list as well as your ranking.


你觉得自己像一只仓鼠在轮子上转圈圈吗, 或者陷入不做你需要做的事情的怪圈, 感到内疚, 怀疑和无助?

拖延症是时间管理的大敌. It can have disturbing effects on college students such as problems with sleep, 但它也经常导致不充分的感觉, 怀疑, 焦虑和沮丧. 除此之外, 当学生时不学习停止拖延的方法会导致拖延在未来的工作中继续成为一个消极的习惯.

To tackle this problem, you can start by asking yourself this question:


你可以告诉自己,原因是你不理解作业或阅读材料, or maybe you can’t seem to find the time to do the work or simply don’t want to do it. 在这些情况下, you could talk to the professor or other students and to help see things more clearly, or you could even join a study group that encourages you to work. 你可能也需要重新审视你的优先事项.


  • What is it that I am really trying to avoid by not completing the work?
  • When I think of the task, what are the specific feelings that come up? 
  • 是我的完美主义倾向或焦虑导致了延迟吗?
  • 我是在逃避别人可能的评判吗? 如果是,谁的?
  • 如果我失败了会有什么后果?

你越了解自己拖延的原因,解决问题的方法就越清晰. 这些问题可能很难自己回答,所以不要犹豫,和太阳集团官网的人聊天 辅导员


你认为多任务处理是一种完成更多事情的方法吗, but somehow end up feeling frustrated or like you are heading nowhere?

许多 文章 研究解释了多任务处理的风险,并得出结论,对大多数人来说,这不是一个有效的系统. 当太阳集团官网试图同时做几件事时,太阳集团官网的注意力和工作质量都会受到影响. Instead, concentrated focus is the best way to learn and produce high-level work.

Sticking to your priorities through your planner and to-do list can make a big difference. 选择一次处理一项任务,你会发现自己效率更高,对工作感觉更好.


Do you tend to deprive yourself from breaks thinking this will help you finish a task, 但你还是无法完成? Do you push yourself to get things done at night when you know you focus better in the morning?

Being consistent is important in achieving things, but so is flexibility. 因为深度专注很累人, 当你在做需要完全集中注意力的事情时,休息是必要的——尤其是当你注意到注意力下降时. Also, peak performance occurs when work is done during an individual’s prime work time. So, pay attention to what works best for you in terms of space and time of day.

While going on social media is often seen as a tempting way to unwind, consistent use of social media can actually reduce your ability to focus and learn effectively. Consider exercising, meditating or taking a short nap instead to increase your productivity.

这确实是一个平衡的问题. 如果你已经在你的计划表上工作了,并且考虑到你个人的优先事项, 集中注意力的最佳时间, 你会更容易决定什么时候休息,什么时候你会发现自己更有活力,更适合工作.